fire Rescue

double fire truck attack(2810)

double fire truck attack
1. Dual vehicle combination fire disaster unbeatable rival, multi-functional reorganization mode.
2. The high pressure spraying car splits out a carriage, and is combined with the cloud ladder height ascending car to a large multifunctional fire engine; the split-out carriage becomes command rescue center after being spread.
3. Turning knob to control the rotating of the water pistol, and height ascending ladder can be turned.
4. Matching fire disaster building, building vivid rescuing scenery.
Product Details

Product Name:double fire truck attack
Product No.:2810
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS:996  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material

airport fire fighting(2809)

airport fire fighting
1. Rising height ascending cloud ladder, and extinguishing airport command tower fire.
2. Opening vehicle body rolling gate, twisting knob, turning fire engine water pistol.
3. Height ascending ladder can rise or lower upon turning; the carriage conceals equipment wall, which has completed set of fire fighting tools.
4. Airport fire engine matches with airport command tower, to build airport fire extinguishing scenery.
Product Details

Product Name:airport fire fighting
Product No.:2809
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS:647  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material

fire station(2808)

fire station
1. Fire fighting command branch, flexible reorganization, and complete configuration.
2. Setting up main building, training building, command room, fitness area, and equipment area.
3. Garage stop rod, rolling gate can rise manually, to move the pass of small height ascending vehicle.
Product Details

Product Name:fire station
Product No.:2808
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS: 523  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material

fire command truck(2807)

fire command truck
1. Multifunctional vehicle, and command and rescue can be conducted synchronously.
2. Scaling ladder can rotate in 360 degrees, swing up and down, and extend.
3. Opening side vehicle body, spreading vehicle body back radar, and changing to on-site command center.
Product Details

Product Name:fire command truck
Product No.:2807
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS:366  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material

offshore field caisis(2806)

offshore field caisis
1. Drill crisis, attacks are launched from both air and seas to extinguish fire.
2. Rotating drill platform sweep dial structure, and shaking crank to rise and lower oil drum.
3. The content of set package is diversified, including helicopter, rescuing boat, drill platform, buoy, etc.
4. Vivid sea drill building, novel story.
Product Details

Product Name:offshore field caisis
Product No.:2806
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS:321  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material

forest ranger(2805)

forest ranger
1. The forest has dangerous cases, and land army and air army cooperate to extinguish fire and rescue.
2. Including dual-wings airplane, mountain jeep, and matching with 3 minifigures and rescuing dog.
3. Rotating airplane top knob, controlling the fire extinguishing device under airplane wing for up and down swing.
4. Novel forest rescuing theme.
Product Details

Product Name:forest ranger
Product No.:2805
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS:369  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material

bookstore on fire(2804)

bookstore on fire
1. Study gets fire, and brave firemen rescue trapped service personnel.
2. Complete small study scenery, vivid story.
3. Having the only female service person minifigure of the entire series.
Product Details

Product Name:bookstore on fire
Product No.:2804
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS:88  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material

rescue helicopter(2803)

rescue helicopter
1. Rescuing airplane launches an attack on sea, and responds to sea dangerous cases rapidly.
2. Rotating the revolving shaft in the airplane body, consecutively moving to restrain and set free rescue ropes.
3. Thrilling desert island rescuing theme.
Product Details

Product Name:rescue helicopter
Product No.:2803
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS: 117  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material

light attack vehicle(2802)

light attack vehicle
1. Multi-purposes small height ascending car, executing daily tasks of squad.
2. Fire engine height ascending platform can contract and rotate.
3. Also can be daily task rescue vehicle, maintenance, vehicle, which can be matched with other single pieces for play and pleasure.
Product Details

Product Name:light attack vehicle
Product No.:2802
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS:112  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material

maintenance car(2801)

maintenance car
1. Maintaining fire fighting equipment, and protecting city safety.
2. Story scenery is composed of fire fighting overhaul vehicle and fire hydrant.
3. Including 2 minifigures of different uniform models.
Product Details

Product Name:maintenance car
Product No.:2801
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS: 105  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material