cherry colorful holiday

holiday villa(2017)

holiday villa
1. Exquisite luxurious dual floors house, matched with outdoor dinner platform and sports car.
2. The internal decoration of kitchen, bedroom, and fitness room, and other functional areas is exquisite, and rich sceneries can satisfy various imaginations of you.
3. The playing ways are various, and building a closed type house only needs one step.
Product Details

Product Name:holiday villa
Product No.:2017
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS:944  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material

fantasy carousel(2016)

fantasy carousel
1. High popular amusement facilities; cockhorse can rotate, rise or lower.
2. Dreamlike model, being decorated with girl elements, such as star and love heart, etc.
Product Details

Product Name:fantasy carousel
Product No.:2016
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS:646  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material

happy little train(2015)

happy little train
Wu Wu Wu ---- the small train sets out!
1. A small train with lovely and unique model, matched with waiting station small scenery.
2. Being able to be divided to independent cars, to match with other sceneries for play and pleasure.
3. Newly increased brand new boy role minifigure, having stronger interaction.
Product Details

Product Name:happy little train
Product No.:2015
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS:690  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material

dreamer karaoke(2014)

dreamer karaoke
Come to star dream KTV to sing!
1. The KTV room in the 2nd floor has complete equipment, and you can experience karaoke pleasure here; outdoor dinner table and rotating dancing machine are equipped, where leisure and entertainment can be enjoyed.
2. The external adopts microphone decoration, leaving a deep impression.
Product Details

Product Name:dreamer karaoke
Product No.:2014
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS:342  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material

joy pizza car(2013)

joy pizza car
Lexiang pizza car delivers delicious pizza for you!
1. A mobile dinner car of pizza model, with eye attractive bright matching colors.
2. Matching with exquisite small dinner tables, experiencing outdoor dinner taking pleasure.
3. Vehicle doors at two sides can open and close freely, and minifigure cosplay can be set inside.
Product Details

Product Name:joy pizza car
Product No.:2013
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS:414  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material

blue whale aquarium(2012)

blue whale aquarium
Having a good swim with blue whale and dolphin!
1. The appearance adopts vivid and lovely animal images, such as blue whale and dolphin, and fishes can be appreciated directly in the transparent fishbowl of floor 1.
2. The 2nd floor is set up with leisure area, and you can appreciate fishes and talk with friends.
Product Details

Product Name:blue whale aquarium
Product No.:2012
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS:327  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material

dream stage(2011)

dream stage
Music! Standing at the Stage to Play and Perform Freely!
1. A characteristic stage of musical note + bowknot, dazzling color, perfect singing.
2. Rotatable small stage, attached with exquisite small guitar, enough dynamic.
Product Details

Product Name:dream stage
Product No.:2011
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS:90  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material

lucky souvenir stall(2010)

lucky souvenir stall
All are things liked by girls; come to select and purchase!
1. Rotatable exhibition table, matched with lipstick and heart form scent bottle, and being able to satisfy the heart of loving beauty of girls.
2. Unique pink little bear doll, with lovely image.
Product Details

Product Name:lucky souvenir stall
Product No.:2010
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS:102  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material

ice cream cart(2009)

ice cream cart
Summer matches with ice cream most!
1. Ice cream car true reduction, including rich and various desserts and new produced ice creams.
2. Matched with mini dinner table, enjoying summer desserts.
Product Details

Product Name:ice cream cart
Product No.:2009
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS:92  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material

rainbow balloon booth(2008)

rainbow balloon booth
Look! My favorite rainbow balloon is there.
1. Gorgeous balloon matched colors, brand new heart form balloon.
2. Spread to change to a large rainbow, and the playing ways are novel and interesting.
Product Details

Product Name:rainbow balloon booth
Product No.:2008
Age:Older than 6 Years old
PCS:107  pieces

Material:ABS environmental & non-toxic material